So I’m currently in Adelaide (actually, I’m in Glenelg, a suburb), and this is what I’ve been up to:

  • I went to Kangaroo Island, and did a day-long coach tour of the highlights with my dad. Neither of us are really coach-tour folk, but it was pretty fun. I got to see sea lions, fur seals and koalas in the wild. I also saw the ‘Remarkable rocks’, which are some windblown rocks eroded into interesting shapes. We then flew back to Adelaide on Emu air. That emus are flightless birds is an irony that did not escape me. But we did have a good day.
  • Yesterday, which featured the worst weather I’ve seen yet in Australia, we went to the South Australia Museum, which was vaguely interesting. Most interesting was the exhibit on Aboriginal history and artifacts. This included a heart-wrenching exhibit about the ‘Lost Generation’, the aboriginal (and mixed-race) kids who were forcibly removed from their families for decades. There were some blank canvasses where people could share their own stories. These were the worst, really showcasing how horrible this must have been.
  • It is currently formal season in Adelaide. Each night, there has been at least 1 formal occuring in one of the ballrooms of this hotel. Seeing all these kids all dressed up and nervous is really endearing. Also funny is how some of these kids arrive: horse-drawn carriage, super-stretched glod-plated limos, hot-rods, etc. Way over the top.
  • From my hotel window, I have just seen 4 dolphins jumping in the water off the jetty
  • Last night, I had the best meal of my trip so far, at a restaurant called bergerac. It was AUS$55 for a prix-fixe meal, 3 courses, and it was of a quality that rivalled Lumière in Vancouver (not quite as spectacular, but in that league). Food is wonderfully cheap here.
  • I went wine-tasting today, which is somewhat lost on me, as I’m no expert, but it was fun. I tasted my very first sparkling red wine, which was quite interesting (though too sweet for me). We then had lunch at the ‘Salopian Inn’, a fabulous little restaurant in the middle of the vinyards. Interestingly, instead of a wine menu, they had a cellar, where you went and simply chose your wine yourself.

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