Cheap Airfare Jealousy

So last week, on Friday, there was some sort of SNAFU on an Airways promotion. Instead of paying a couple hundred to upgrade from economy to ‘World Traveller Plus’, you were able to purchase entire tickets for a couple hundred dollars. The only hitch was that you were flying from a US city, in this case, Seattle.

This happened on Friday, which was Saturday in Australia, which was when I was travelling, so I wasn’t able to check my mail and take advantage of this, but oh well.

Several of the people (ok, seemingly most) I used to work with up at UBC (who make up the [dim-sum] list that’s referenced here occasionally) took advantage of this. So all these folks have $200 return tickets to places like Helsinki, Paris, Athens. To boot, most of these tickets are in February, which is of course, an excellent time to get out of Vancouver.

So while I shouldn’t really be jealous, as I’ve just returned from a pretty great trip myself, I am. Because I’m petty like that.

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