So I’ve been given this mobile to use for work, etc. It’s a Telus phone. I’ve been trying to register, but it gets stuck in a loop and I can’t complete the registration. So I call up, the woman answering the phone says, ‘well let me just go through the online service at my end’. I respond that I’m only calling her because the online registration doesn’t work. But we do that anyway, and of course it doesn’t work. So then we go onto some other method. And I say – the company’s paying the bills, but I’ll be the user, so I guess it should be on their account. But no, apparently it should be a personal account. And I know I have shit for credit, so they’re going to want some huge deposit ($400 it turns out). So we go through that, despite my protestations that this is a company phone, they’re responsible for payments, all I want to do is use the phone. So we go through me as user twice, then finally (because maybe that first ‘you’ve got bad credit’ was wrong, despit my assurances that it was right), go through with the company. But see, the existing company phone is actually the owner’s personal phone, and so we can’t set up ‘company’ phones. That would take longer and require paperwork. So in the end, I’ve a phone on Sue’s account. But this process has taken nearly 1.75 hours of my day. To register two phones (Jeff, my colleague’s getting one too).