I am a browser compatibility god!

Some of you may recall an issue I was having with my Bookbuffet (now launched, btw, so go have a poke about!), wherein the calendar was jumping down the page when the mouseover event was called in Gecko-engine browsers. I couldn’t figure out why this was happening (and I still don’t know why it was happening). However, I’ve found a solution. I’ve split the container into 2 table cells. The top cell holds the calendar, the bottom cell holds the date-info. Now, on mouseovers, the jumping has stopped. So the problem appears to lie in the fact that these were floating, nested <div>s.

Oh — if you’re on a mac, there appears to be some other issue currently going on at the site. I blame the users, but in all honesty, it’s probably something I’ve done, or not done that’s caused it.

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