Posted by Alex to [Dim-Sum], comes this little humorous tidbit:

Following a Detroit Free Press interview in November with bulk e-mailer Alan Ralsky (who gloated that his success at sending “spam” advertising had paid for his $740,000 home), Internet spam-haters tracked down Ralsky’s West Bloomfield, Mich., address and inundated him with thousands of unsolicited hardcopy catalogs and mailings. In another case, following news that the Pentagon had hired former Reagan administration official John Poindexter to oversee the creation of software that could track nearly all consumer transactions in the country, an SF Weekly (San
Francisco) columnist released Poindexter’s home phone number, and Internet activists set up a Web site for tracking all of Poindexter’s personal transactions. [Detroit Free Press, 11-22-02, 12-6-02] [San Jose Mercury News, 12-19-02]

<snicker />

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