Sadly, I apparently have fat fingers. I’ve never thought of myself as having fat fingers, but it was revealed to me this morning: The Domtar rep came by to showcase some paper to the designers here, and brought with her some mood rings (along with a handy chart telling you what paper you should order depending on what color your mood ring was). Sadly, the largest of the rings was too small to sit comfortably on either pinky. As no one else was having troubles with the size, I must conclude that I have very fat fingers (my pinky, at it’s fattest, appears to measure roughly 2cm across. Is that huge? It seems big to me. They’re not terribly fleshy, either. When I squish them, they barely squish at all until I’m at bone). This is very distressing. It’s amazing I can type at all with my gigantic digits. I’m going to go and hide now.

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