I’ve installed Gallery on the site (actually, truth be told, I did little more than unzip and configure it. Steve, my ever-so-gracious host, had to rebuild PHP for me, as apparently there’s something bungy with the Debian version to do with sessions. So we’re now running an apparently not-fully-tested build of PHP on here, which might destablize the server, but at least there’s working session variables!).

So from time to time, as I do stuff, photos may appear there. I may also at some point customize the layout somewhat more. But in the mean time, please check out my gallery page, which houses a few of my photos from my Australian trip last November. As a note, I make no claims for my skill as a photographer, nor any for the quality of my camera.

Update (5:22pm, January 31st): Finally, all 164 of the photos from my Australian trip have been uploaded. So have a look! Next up, photos from Orlando!