Shitty Day

I think I’ve somehow managed to earn some bad karma today. On 6 different fronts, bad, annoying, troublesome or otherwise stressful things have happened. It’s just not good. I’d been feeling pretty good, pretty relaxed, pretty positive, but now I feel like curling up into a little ball in bed and hiding for a while. Even my horoscope, which is reminding me to keep a positive outlook despite it all, sucks today:

You might be plagued by feelings of low self-esteem, STEVE. He’s stronger than you, taller, better looking, makes more money… whatever. Try hard today to focus on the half-full glass rather than the half-empty one. There are a huge number of things about you that make you unique, and plenty of people that know about and appreciate them. Sure he makes more money. He probably has bigger bills, too.

I mean, what consolation is that? I’m going to go eat some stressfood now.

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