Standards Design

I’m in the midst of writing a new business-case document for designing to standards (and contemporary browsers) as a hand-out for clients. Included in it as a listing of sites that have redesigned to be standards-compliant and moved away from the old tables & spacers mode of writing pages. Obviously, the bigger the site the better. Just a few days ago, this process got a major boost when redesigned in just such a mode. As Zeldman notes (in much better detail), it’s not perfect, but one would imagine that it being a few days old, they’ll improve on it still. They also have a nice upgrade page (I’m a fan of the upgrade page, but understandably, not everyone is).

So my question to you all out there is that apart from Wired and ESPN, what major (read: high-traffic, or well-known) sites are built to standards-compliancy? Anyone who sends in a site, I’d be happy to share my final document with you, if you’d like an incentive. If you’re local, I could possibly even send you a copy of either the Digitopolis 2003 desktop-blotter calendar, or the Digitopolis 2003 cd-case calendar (which I assure you, are well worth having).