In Britain, there is a program called A PAUSE (see this article for more), which teaches kids ‘stopping points’ when fooling around, with Oral Sex being the last one. Which really, seems a fairly harmless and even somewhat intelligent approach, especially compared to the abstinence programs in The States. However, conservative groups are apparently complaining that this is teaching kids oral sex. Again, I wonder why that’s bad. Even if they don’t have sex now, they’re likely to at some point, and knowing a little about it sounds like a good thing.

“The way to deal with teenage pregnancy isn’t sex education,” he added. “We need to shore up the influence of the family; [children] lack the moral influence to deal with this sex-saturated environment.”

The article also notes Britain has the highest teen-pregnancy rate in Europe. This begs the question: are Continental teens not as exposed to sex? Or do they have more moral influence? Or is it, as I would think, that Continental Europeans are not so hung up about sex and body image, resulting in perhaps a healthier attitude towards sex, resulting in teens perhaps being more informed, and also, taking the the lustre of forbidenness from sex, which makes it less important?

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