Pencilneck Creations

So I’m playing around with a new look for Pencilneck Creations, my consultancy, as I think about updating the portfolio with the various projects I’ve completed in the last 2 years.

I wanted something minimalist, and clean, and similar to the print collateral that I have, which is XML(-ish). As we all know, I’m in no way shape or form a designer, so I’m just taking a shot in the dark (I have some plans to trade with a designer for some real work), but please, have a look-see and let me know what you think.

The site is tiny (some 3-4K, I believe), and apart from the background pencilneck-guy, is all text & css. There’s a couple of looks right now, which you can do something about by using the style-switcher on the left-hand side. I’ve not tested this in anything but IE6 & Mozilla 1.2 on Windows XP, so I won’t guarantee that it works for you. But all the same, lemme know any thoughts you have (including : ‘go back to drawing board!’), but as always constructive criticism is appreciated more.