All by myself

As of 10 minutes ago, I’m no longer employed by Digitopolis. I’m unemployed, or self-employed, depending on how you want to look at it. Which means I’m resuscitating my consultancy, although with a little difference: whereas before I worked all by myself in a little corner of my apartment, I’m set up now with a business partner (Jeff Schafer), whose incredibly complementary skill set should help us slowly take over the world (ok, so I’m not exactly all by myself). In addition, I’ve got office space, machines, etc. I really feel quite professional. So what was Pencilneck Creations (my consultancy) and Schafer Systems (Jeff’s Consultancy) is now Pencilneck Software. Over the next little while we’ll get going with a new site (at, currently just sitting there), some printed collateral, etc.

So what does this mean? Well, I’m we’re (gotta get used to that!) available for contract work for anyone who wants to hire a kick-ass programmer (or 2). It also means that if I know you, I may send you an email sometime in the future saying ‘hey – wanna help keep me in ketchup?’.

But and so I’m pretty stoked, pretty nervous, and pretty ready to do this.

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