Changes to the blog

So there’s been a couple of minor changes to the comments on this site. I’ve added in the new, cleaner comments template from Movable Type. I’ve also created a white-washed version of the ‘logo’ (the guy on the left on the homepage), which now floats in the background.

Finally, I’ve been thinking that maybe I should give this thing a name, different from my domain name, which, ego-stroking as it may be, is not terribly descriptive. When I was younger, I used to have a moniker that I used when creating things, Frustrated Guppy (which came from a very disturbing nightmare). Homework was often a ‘Frustrated Guppy Production’. Anything money-making was through ‘Frustrated Guppy Inc’. I went so far as to sketch out a title sequence if I ever had a film company (I was once a film student). So I was thinking, for old time’s sakes, something along those lines. But perhaps not.

But consider this an open call to name my blog. If any of y’all have any ideas, please feel free to let me know.