Questions w/r/t Iraq

1) Why doesn’t the US Administration seem to realise, that much like the US preferred Dictators and religious fundamentalists to communists, some countries might prefer anything to American-style democracy, or more aptly, American dominance.

2) Does anyone else have that sinking ‘Vietnam all over again’ feeling yet? Mis-comprehension of the enemie’s tactics. Total misreading of their dedication to the fight. Battles quickly being bogged down. A hostile environment for soldiers to fight in. The sudden call for a new, massive influx of troops to the region. An enemy willing to win at all costs. An enemy that probably has particular interest in humiliating the US, if they can’t win.

Why is Jean Chrétien saying he hopes for a swift victory for the US contradictory to saying the war is unjustified? It seems like the logical moderate follow-through: we don’t war, but now that it’s on, we’d like our allies’ soldiers to come home quickly, and alive.