The WorthWhileWeb

Just launched a new site today, called The Worthwhile Web. This site, a project of Day‘s, is a blog about well, worthwhile websites (and the surrounding discussion of what exactly that is). Day, myself and (currently) 2 others will be maintaing the site, so check back there often as it grows.

This site is exciting for me for an additional reason: It’s another site using The Pencilcase (my CMS), but it’s the first site for which I wrote a blogging-plugin for the CMS. Which means from now on I can offer people the ability to blog on their Pencilcase-powered websites, which, with the growth of blogging, will probably be an important component of many sites soon-ish.

There’s actually yet another reason I’m stoked for this site. The polls of this site make use of CFMX’s <CFChart> tag, which I’d up until now not had an opportunity to use. Those graphs you see? that’s generated on-the-fly flash, which I think is pretty cool (it can also output to a. jpg or .png, but I like Flash).