Weird Outlook Bug?

Everytime my computer changes from winter to Daylight Savings time, a curious thing happens to events in Outlook: every event that was a one day event, suddently shifts by an hour, so that they run from 1 am on day until 1 am the next day. Which is curious. It appears that when one clicks on the ‘all-day event’ box, rather than removing the time attribute of the event, it sets it from midnight to midnight. However, for some reason, when Daylight savings occurs, the event is bumped forward an hour, resulting in a 2-day event, rather than the intended 1-day, all-day event. This has a curious result for birthdays, in that everyone’s birthday in my calendar is now two-days in length.

Has anyone else had this happen to them, or is this some glitch in this install?

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