Windows Wishlist

I wish I knew how to do the following in Windows XP (or, if they’re not possible, I wish they were possible):

  • Keep a ‘Services’ Profile that I could quickly switch between. This switcher would auto-start & stop the services I specify. Seeing as I use my laptop for both work and play, I’d love to have a one-touch way of shutting down IIS, SQL, Cold Fusion, etc.
  • Keep multiple settings for the same network card. I want slightly different settings for my home wireless & my work wireless networks. It would be nice if I could have my wireless card permanently set up for both, so I wouldn’t have to change settings every time I move locations. Ideally, this would auto-recognise which network it was on, and use the appropriate TCP/IP settings.
  • I wish I could drag & drop between desktops while using Remote Desktop Connection. The number of times I’ve wanted to quickly get something from that remote computer (or put something there) while in that interface is surprising. So why does Microsoft make me open up a whole other (most likely 3rd party) app to complete this file transfer? Just stick some sort of an FTP protocol into the Remote Desktop protocol, and blammo, now I can drag & drop.
  • I wish I could get Internet Explorer to open with the status bar in place everytime I open it. I’ve no idea why it doesn’t, and I’ve yet to find a way to tell it to open with the status bar showing.

I think that’s it for now.