Posts here have been fewer and further between of late. Likely, this will continue for a while. Why? Well, I’m trying to get this business up and going (and for the most part, it’s going swimmingly well, thank you very much), which is consuming all of my time, and thought. But I don’t want to write about it too much here, because well, this is a public forum that (potential) clients could quite easily happen upon this site (Hi there!). So while an argument could be made that a public exploration of issues could be beneficial (I’ve thought it through, I’ve laid the groundwork, etc), the counterargument (business must be seen as essentially flawless from the outside) is currently winning out (though, the thought has occurred to me that this post reveals that white lie) — and so, silence on what I’m thinking, up to, etc.

Generally, I’ve lots to do. I’m working on a new corporate site, I’m writing a new development methodology (well, examing current practices for ways of best incorporating new functionality into it), developing the next version of The Pencilcase (my CMS), creating new products, building sites to make money, learning how to work with a business partner, etc, etc, etc

Which has left my brain rather full, which has meant that I’ve ‘put down’ some of my other intellectual pursuits for a little while (mostly, taking note of politics) (I’d put down things like international affairs before, as everytime I started examining the state of the world, I got nearer and nearer to simply collapsing with anxiety). Things may be a little lighter for a while yet, until I feel I’m back on top again (my best guess is a couple more months — a whole slew of things come to a head about then).

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