PayFlowPro on CFMX

For anyone who makes use of the Java version of CFX_PayFlowPro, I recommend NOT upgrading to CFMX. Why? because the tag won’t work. You’ll get all these null pointer errors. I’m not entirely sure why, but it has something to do with the JRE version included in CFMX and the JRE required by PayFlowPro. Oddly, however, downloading the JRE 1.4 doesn’t seem to help either. I played with and tried various version of JRE from 1.2 throug the current 1.4.1_02, and none of them made a difference.

There is an fairly simple solution (suggested by PayFlowPro Tech Support, incidentally), thankfully: mail Versign and ask them to send the old C++ CFX_PaymentNet tag to you. This one will work fine, and supports the same features as the Java Tag. I imagine there’s some valid reasons for them to have abandoned it favour of the Java tag, but it’s at least something. One of the annoying features is that you can’t rename the query it outputs in response.

There’s another potential solution, which I haven’t tried yet (but might if the C++ tag proves tempermental) is that there’s a new PayFlowPro XML tool, which is probably just a webservice implementation. So I’m sure CFMX would work wonderfully with that.