FTP apps

A quick poll:

What FTP app do you use?

I currently use CuteFTP 4.25, which is nice, and I’ve been using Cute seemingly forever, but I’m becoming increasingly annoyed at a piece of missing functionality. I want an ‘overwrite if newer’ option when uploading a site. In Cute, I can set a global ‘overwrite’ or a global ‘skip’ when uploading. But if I’ve changed 5 files in 5 different directories, I’d like to just select all, upload from the root and have my FTP app figure out which files I mean to upload.

Now I guess there’s some potential issues with servers being in different timezones, but surely, there could be something Dreamweaver-esque, some file on the server that keeps track of this for me, related to my local time (and I don’t use Dreamweaver’s FTP because it seems so damnedly buggy (although I’ve not tried DreamweaverMX’s — I’m still resisting the move to MX, as it’s not as good as my trusty CF Studio yet for my purposes).