Perfect Position

Often, when I’m having trouble sleeping, I get fixated on getting into the ‘perfect position’ to fall asleep in. This position will magically regulate my temperature, keep me comfortable and otherwise ensure that I sleep, well, perfectly. Oddly, when I’m semi-concious, in that not-quite-sleep, not-quite-awake stage, I can seemingly judge how close I am to this position. Of course, this is not just about how my body is laid out. Where the covers are are important, as is the pillow — perhaps the sheet needs to be tucked under my left foot, but my right foot needs to be under the duvet, but outside the sheet, etc. The pillow, perhaps sideways, with my head at the top-left corner, it going out away from me. You know, totally ridiculous things.

What this concern with finding the perfect sleeping position does, of course, is to distract me enough from whatever it is I’m really thinking about that eventually, I can fall asleep, close enough to that perfect position that I feel confident that I’ll sleep at least decently, even if it is 4:30am, and I’m to get up at 7:00am.

Does anyone else have these sort of weird I-can’t-sleep processes?