Some Things

Some things:

  • At some point during the last while, something interesting happened:
    1. Teenage girls stopped being hot, and started being young
    2. Having a kid no longer precludes being hot
  • Standing behind teenage girls at McDonald’s, who want the McChicken at the discounted price, rather than the Quarter Pounder “because we don’t eat meat”, is incredibly annoying
  • Applying the billable rate you use in your professional life to your personal life can ruin your day. Just think about how much sleep costs you.
  • At some point, the number of comments of this site exceeded the number of post.
  • I saw Preston Manning in the above-mentioned McDonald’s. He’s looking healthy. Of the score or so of people in there, only myself and one other person seemed to recognize him.
  • Getting a game for ‘free’ can actually not be worth it, if you spend several hours trying, fruitlessly, to get it to work.