Closer Still

Further upgrades to the Pencilneck Software site today, continuing on from where I last left off.

Today’s big improvement was the addition of a print stylesheet for the site. You probably hadn’t tried printing it, but if you had, it would’ve looked a right mess. This is now solved. I added in a display-hidden but print-visible box to pleasingly display our logo up top the page when printed. In addition, all navigation has been removed (my preference — you generally print a page for the content, not for the navigation), and the text has been made to scale to the page-width, rather than a specific pixel-width. In addition, should you be using a CSS2-friendly browser, the links within the content will tell you where it is they’re pointing to, and acronyms will have their definitions expanded for you, just because we care. Finally, the big ‘featureBox’ on the homepage was moved to the end of the content, rather than its former location at the front, which had struck me as odd. This now means it prints after our main copy, which is nice of it.

As always, if I’ve missed something, or you have a suggestion on how to improve upon it, please let me know.

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