The state of my body

Rebel troops are shooting small-callibre, armor-piercing ammo at the government forces stationed behind my left eye. The goverment forces are responding by carpet-bombing the left hemisphere of my brain, where apparently, the rebels are hiding out. The government may be trying to surround them by pummelling the base of my neck into an unusable mess, trapping the rebels in my head.

There are pockets of resistance elsewhere too: The rebels have put my senses into overload, perhaps trying (quite successfully) to overwhelm the government forces with information. The cell in my belly is trying to destabilise the entire structure through nausea. This too, is working quite well.

The UN has sent in support forces for the government, in the form of 2 Extra-Strength Tylenols, but much like normal blue-hat forces, they’ve been essentially useles up to now.

Currently, after 3 straight days of fighting, everything seems to be at a standstill, with neither side gaining, or losing ground. But should the rebels gain any further ground, I’ll have to shut down for a while.

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