I had to give the laptop I was using back to my former employer. While I’m waiting for my new laptop, I’m using Jeff’s old development box. And I have to say, this is by far the fastest computer I’ve ever used (apart from booting. It’s really slow to boot). It’s a dual p3-800, with 1.25 GB ram, and I think SCSI disks. It kicks ass, speed-wise, over the laptop, and any of the P4s I’ve used so far. I think it must be the dual CPU factor, as I’ve used systems with nearly so much ram (I’ve topped out at 1GB), but this seems noticeably faster. Particuarly when I ask it to do a few things at once. And I have to say, it is noticeably faster writing & reading from the disk than the laptop I was using. Like maybe twice as fast, or so.