Some cosmetic changes to this site to announce:

First, I’ve edited the navigation menu. Now, 98% of visitors don’t go anywhere but here or the archives, but I was tired of the cyrillic type. So plain little buttons, welcome.

I’ve added a style-switcher to the site. There’s currently only 2 styles, ‘old skool’ (pretty much the same as it ever was) and ‘new skool’, which changes the shade of red and flips the side-bar to the right-hand side of the site.

I’ve by defeault hidden many of the longer listings on the side-bar now, for cleanliness sakes (as we all know what cleanliness is next to, eh?)

Last, I’ve begun a links section. Currently, there’s only links to my XML feed, my wishlist and a trio of newspaper sites. This may or may not expand to include other blogs, but will definitely expand to include other sites I check out at least semi-regularly that I feel deserve my endorsement (which I know carries oh-so-much weight in the world).

I’ve not really tested these layouts in anything but mozilla, so please let me know if I’ve done anything terrible to anyone’s experience.

Oh yeah. I haven’t touched the templates for anything but the homepage and the little comments pop-up, so I wouldn’t be surprised if other pages on this site misbehave for a little while. I’ll get to them somewhen.


It appears to be all busted in IE. I’ll get to that tomorrow night.