The Pianist & Gangs of New York

Because, clearly, we had absolutely nothing better to do with our time, Leah and I watched both of these movies on the weekend. So en bref, here are my reviews:

Gangs of New York was too over-wrought, too gory and too long. It had some neat visuals, and was potentially historically interesting, but it didn’t really do it for me.

The Pianist was of course gut-wrenching and horrific to watch, and the cynic in me asks ‘do we really need yet another movie telling us how atrocious life for Jews under Nazi rule was?’, which was answered by the film buff in me saying ‘if it’s as compelling and beatifully made as this film, yes’. Adrian Brody (who also was excellent in Summer of Sam, one of my favourite movies,was spectacular, wasiting away before our eyes, minimal acting done perfectly. Rarely is a man doing so little on-screen so interesting.

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