The Fridge

Sometime over the weekend (Friday or Saturday), our fridge broke. It just stopped chilling things. The light still worked, but it remained ominously silent, despite the heat. On Sunday, when we discovered this, things were already beginning to go off. So we bought some ice, threw out some stuff, cooked up some others, and put the rest into either the freezer or our cooler, and called the landlords. After some confusion, we arranged for a new fridge for Monday, we thought. But Monday came and went, and no fridge, and our ice melted, and every remaining perishable item went bad too. But yesterday, we got our new fridge. It’s HUGE. It sticks out about 4 inches more than our old fridge, dramatically narrowing what was already a pretty narrow little kitchen. That being said, it is brand new, and more robust-looking. So now we just have to go an re-purchase all our food. Oh joy.

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