Certified eBay Developer

The eBay API application I’ve been writing for Vintage Arte has just been approved by the powers-that-be over at eBay. I’m pretty stoked. For one, I’ve been waiting on tenderhooks (or is it tenterhooks? (or something else altogether?)) for about 3 weeks to hear from them. This means the massive project I’ve been working on for about 3 months is now complete, and I can finally get started on the fairly large back-log of other work for this guy.

Of course, it also means that we can advertise that we are eBay certified developers, so it’s just one more service we can offer to people. Of course, being a certified eBay developer is actually much less impressive than it sounds, as anyone with a firm grasp on XML and some basic programming knowledge could do it, but shh! that’s just between you and me.