SQL Server complaint

When using the Enterprise manager interface to connect to a remote DB on a shared SQL Server, it has always struck me as at the least negligent and lazy, and at worst a potential major security flaw that I can see the name of every database on the server, regardless of whether or not I have permissions to affect that particular database.

First of all, it’s annoying: Connect to an SQL server of a major hosting company, and there are dozens, if not hundreds of databases on each DB Server. Trying to find the one that you’re interested in amidst all that is annoying. Additionally, when revealing the DB list, you have to wait for the SQL Server to send you the complete list. How hard would it be to have a really small If/Else statement in that request, so that if only shows me what I have access to? Cache that, and it becomes even quicker. And it would be a nice usability enhancement too. A list of one or two databases, vs. 100 or so to sort through is far easier.

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