So as anyone who’s anyone knows, CiTR‘s annual battle of the bands, SHiNDiG, is starting up again shortly. The much underestimated Ben will once again be the host for this fabulous celebration of local music.

He emailed me with a request for sponsors: We like to support our local bands, and so we want to reward them if they win this contest. He’s looking for sponsors of all stripes, but in particular, is looking for a web-design sponsor. This person would, in sponsorship, design the winning band a small, simple website. You may ask yourself, why wouldn’t Stv. do this? Well, to be blunt, I’m not a designer. I’m a coder. So if they wanted some interactivity, I could donate that. But a designer I ain’t. So if you are a designer (or if you do something that you feel could help out an up-and-coming musical act), please contact Ben and offer your support for this fabulous event.

In thanks for being a sponsor, your logo will be displayed behind the bands on stage each and every Tuesday night at the Railway club for 3 months. In addition, Ben will read aloud your name every night with gusto and glee, further enhancing your image as a rockin’ person/company.