Cleaning my house today, I can’t believe the insane amount of cat fur that finds its way into every nook & cranny of my apartment. I don’t understand how my cats can remain so furry, and yet at least 2 fulls coats of fur from each of them is just laying around the apartment. And while yes, it has perhaps been a little longer than is desirable since last cleaned, the sheer amout of fur is ungodly. I think that my cats are actually small portals to the quasi-elemental plane of fur (for all you gamers out there), and they simply eject fur from that portal roughly at will. The couch, which I actually just vacumed on the weekend (or Monday – but within the last 10 days) is already completely covered in fur once again. It looks like it has been sitting collecting fur for at least a year.

And to think, someone who’s allergic to cats is coming to stay tomorrow. Yikes! I think even I managed to suck out every last particle of dust and fur today, by the time she arrives here tomorrow, it’ll be like the cleaning never happened at all.

I wish I had a super-power right now. Telekenesis or super-speed would be really handy to get all this done in time. The TK so I could just sit on the couch and have the various objects clean themselves, or the super-speed so I could actually get all this done in a reasonable time-frame.

But tonight, tonight I go out!