so far…

I’m sitting on my grandmother’s couch in Over, Cambridgeshire, amazingly connected on a stolen wireless connection. Why is this so amazing? Because she lives at the extreme end of the village, and the village itself is only a few hundred souls in size. And not only am I on someone’s open connection, but there’s a WEP-protected one too. Nutty!

Leah and I had quite the nice trip over — business class really makes a difference, plus once we landed, we were able to go to the Air Canada Arrivals Lounge at Heathrow, wherein we could have a shower, freshen up, have some juice and a fresh croissant, then head out on the road. My folks as a wedding present had rented us a car from Avis. Turns out that we’re driving a very familiar dark-blue Ford Focus. Only differences are that this one is 5-door, the steering wheel is on the other side and there’s no sunroof. Otherwise, it’s just like home.

I had fun diving into the deep-end of driving on the other side, navigating the M25 orbital, then up to Cambrige, which is actually not very far at all. We did get a little lost on our way once at Cambridge to get to Over, but it’s all good now.

Friday we went into Cambridge itself, wandering about the colleges, marvelling at the all the architecture and winding lanes full of interesting stores. The mens’ fashions here seem so much more interesting, I may just come back with new clothes. Plus, there are actually men’s clothing stores here, rather than just a few racks hidden amongst the women’s fashions like our stores have (ok, it’s not that bad at home, but this is definitely better).

Tomorrow it’s off to Stratford-upon-Avon for some Shakespeare, then up to Man(mad!)chester for some fun (and, apparently, so kick-ass architecture and museums to boot).