So I’ve a little iBook sitting on my desk now, thanks to William, who decided to move up to a PowerBook, so I was able to buy his used iBook. The iBook is a cute little thing, and despite the somewhat Orwellian whiteness of it, I don’t think you can help but like it. Of course, there are some fun issues when crossing over to a new OS (even if only as a testing station), as I spent about 5 minutes figuring out how to open the damn CD drive. Now I’ve just gotta let it do its thing and install Jaguar on it, and we’ll be all set with a testing station. It feels a little wasteful that the only thing this computer will probably be used for is testing websites, but it can’t be helped. I just don’t think I’ve any other use for it at the moment. Still, hopefully it’ll be content to just run Safari, IE, etc upon itself, and won’t get bored and run off.

See? Damn Macs! I’m anthropomorphizing it already, and I’ve only had it about 1 hour.