Cold Fusion MX 6.1 upgrade issues

If you have yet to upgrade from MX to MX 6.1 (and are planning on doing so), here’s a couple of notes for you:

  • If your only access is through remote desktop, and the server is Windows 2003, be sure to download and install the Server 2003 Access Tools, assuming your using Windows XP Pro (if you’re not, you’re hooped). Connect then, using Remote Desktops (aka ‘The Console’) rather than through Windows XP’s default Remote Desktop Connection. This new option will be found in the Administrative Tools menu.
  • You may get a failure message. If so, try the folllowing. Go to ~CFRoot/runtime/bin (normally found under the CFusionMX Directory), and delete, or move ‘jrunsvcmsg.dll’. Then run the install again. This time, it will most likely work
  • If you had any Java class paths set, all the ” will have been removed during the upgrade (at least, that happened to me on 3 seperate installs). You’ll need to go an enter the backslashes again, then restart the server in order for any of your Java-based CFX tags to work again.

And now you know why testing an upgrade on a dev server is an important step to take before performing an upgrade on a live server. I mean, how the hell would I have found out these things without testing it? They seem like fairly random errors to me

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