Blog-Comment Spam

Of late (the last 2 months, roughly), I’ve been getting weird spam in my back-pages here. Comments that simply say ‘Interesting.’, and then link to drug-selling, penis-englarging and or porn sites. I know that Marian has been getting these as well.

My tactic so far has simply been to ban the IP address of the spammer (I’m assuming it’s some sort of bot), but it simply come back from another IP a little while later — I’ve added at least a dozen or so at this point, and it just doesn’t stop. I’ve been hesitant to simply close off all old entries, because there’s a couple (notably my entry on having a fear of bridges) that have quite a healthy on-going discussion surrounding them, but I fear that may be what I’m forced to do.

Has anyone else been getting this? Is it perhaps a security flaw in the MT engine? Anyone have any solutions for it?