I wannit I wannit I wannit!

just downloaded a trial copy of Dreamweaver MX 2004. I currently use Dreamweaver MX, which was a vast improvement over Dreamweaver 4. And MX 2004 is that much of an improvement over MX, for what I do. Why? For the following reasons:

  • In design view, MX 2004 now properly displays floated Divs, according to the style sheet’s specifications. No longer will some div’s get hidden underneath others (at least in the 5 troublesome documents I tested) — which means I can finally make use of the design view, which had been essentially unusable for me in MX.
  • When editing CSS (and perhaps general HTML, I haven’t checked), there’s a new ‘browser compatibility’ setting that allows you to specify minimum browser requirements for you page. It will then tell you what of your CSS won’t work in that browser by underlining the element with a squiggly line. Mouse over the underlined element and it will tell you what the problem is, and which of your required browsers it affects. Which I can’t tell you just how wonderful it is, as I often forget.
  • I’m not sure if in fact this is true, but it seems to respond faster than MX did, particularly when doing site-wide searches and updating it’s cache.
  • It has some spiffy new interface upgrades as well, and a noticeably improved support for displaying CFML tags within a page. These last 2 aren’t actually major selling features to me, but they are icing on the cake

So now all I need to do is weigh whether or not it’s actually worth the upgrade price (which is something like $200 USD).