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So I still stick by DreamweaverMX 2004 as being good. However, I do have a complaint. In the file management resources, you can specify a local & remote server. What I think would be a brilliant addition to the mix would be able to specify a development (with testing URL) server, a staging (with staging URL) server and a live (with live URL) server. Complementary to this would be a remote storage server. You can come close to this, with the local, remote view and testing server configuration. But the testing server, as far as I understand it, MUST be one of those 2 places. And in Dreamweaver terminology, the remote view means the live server — otherwise, you can’t use Dreamweaver’s built in FTP functionality to connect to it. I woudn’t think that this extra functionality would even be that hard to implement, given what’s already there — it’s just a couple extra flags and screens to configure for the user. But it would be really useful to a shop like mine.

Further to this — what sort of version-control do you use? Being a windows-based company, as I understand it, I can’t really use CVS. I’ve been told that the Windows port is wretched and broken. The only other software I know of is Microsoft SourceSafe, which is unconcionably (sp?) expensive. Can anyone recommend something in between those two? Or tell me CVSWin is actually fine?

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