The O.C

I’m terribly ashamed to admit this, but I’m totally hooked on Fox’s new show, The O.C.. I think it’s because the secondary-lead (Seth) is this Aaron Sorkin-esque wise-cracker, who is a comic-reading, girl-chasing geek, but generally nice. It’s one of those show with snappy banter, and I likes me the snappy banter. It does fall victim to horrible stereotypes, most noticeably the common teenage show one wherein all the adults are somehow stupider and even more unidimensional than the already stereotype-driven teen characters. But it’s just fun.

Also, in good TV News, The Daily Show is coming to CTV on November 3rd. For all of you that don’t get The Comedy Network, I can’t say enough how good this show is, and how definitely you should all add watching Jon Stewart to your TV repertoire. If it’s on late, and you’re an early sleeper, record it, and watch it in the morning over breakfat — it makes for a nice way to wake up in the morning. But do watch it. Unless you’re either a moron or have no sense of humor, in which case don’t bother. But I’m pretty sure no one in either category could have ever found this little corner of the internet, so it doesn’t apply here.