Guardian’s Top 40 US Bands

Someone on [dim-sum] posted this link today, and Adam quickly pointed out it’s old, but I’ve been too busy to keep up my reading of the Guardian, so I hadn’t read their list of ‘The 40 greatest US bands today’. Now, they include solo musicians & producers, not just bands in this mix, but hey, that’s cool

I’m astounded at how eclectic the mix is, from mainstream to willfully obscure. I’m proud to say that I know (and possess music by) the majority of them, so my place as a pop-culture literate appears secure (at least from the Guardian’s POV). I’m also pleased that there were at least a half-dozen artists I’ve never heard of, which gives me something to go and check out. New music is fun! There are, of course, artists who I-can’t-believe-they-left-off and artists that I-can’t-believe-are-on-it, but lists are always like that.