A Mozilla Quibble

So I’m generally a huge Mozilla fan. It started simply because it was Not-IE. But then as I started to use it daily, I got to see just how much a better browser it was than IE, in so many ways. But there’s one aspect in which Mozilla just pisses me off: mouseover effects. Take for example, this example of some beautiful drop-downs from the latest issue of ALA. Mouse over them in Mozilla and you get horrible flashing mouseovers that are both hard to use (because they disapear beneath you as move down them) and hard on the eyes (because of the flashing). And this is common across all mouseover effects — even a:hover colour changes flash like that. And so I’d just like to know why this happens, when things stay open so nicely in IE. And more than knowing why this happens, I’d like to know when the mozilla dev group are going to fix this.