On both our Vancouver-LA and our Los Cabos-LA flights, we had interesting things occur. I think LA is a magnet for wierdness.

First, on our way there, we had to all remain on the plane while US Customs came on board to seize some guy. They wandered up and down the plain, asking all tall guys with brownish hair (even thinning) for their passport. Sadly, I no longer qualify as having brown hair, apparently, as I wasn’t asked. However, the guy they wanted was sitting in the row right in front of Leah and I. Which was kind of exciting. I’ve no idea why or what happened to him…

On our return from Los Cabos, there was a drunken Albertan sitting behind us talking shit the whole way, and hitting on a Kiwi across the aisle. At one point, he asked for a Vodka and Tomato Juice, which I believe they refused to serve him, as well, he was somewhat loaded. But then he changed it to a regular Tomato Juice, and still didn’t get it, and followed the steward to the back of the plane and called him and asshole, and then the pilot had to come and talk to him, and blah-da-blah-de-blah. Once he got off the plane, he had to talk to the Airport Security guys, and then once he left them, he had to talk to the police outside customs, talking shit about the flight attendant, and Mexicana in general. I’ve no idea what eventually came of all of it, but I was thinking ‘holy testosterone batman!’ and was fairly embarrassed that this man held the same passport as I did.

While in LA, nothing spectacular happened, as we were only there overnight each way and had very early flights, but Leah and I did get to walk along Sunset Blvd a little, as my aunt lives just off of it, so I go to walk past such famed establishments as the Whisky-A-Go-Go and The Viper Room (not to mention the Hustler coffee shop in West hollywood — how weird is that!?).