Wireless Routers

At work, we use a Linksys Wireless (B) router to get our wireless connection. And it’s been perfectly serviceable as a regular old router, keeping us all connected, sending and receiving traffic, etc. However, I now and trying to use the port forwarding features of the router, and the thing just doesn’t seem to work. Now, at first, I thought I’d done something wrong. But now I’ve actually read the manual, and read the support forums, and I think maybe it’s the router that’s shitty. Why? Because as soon as there’s more than 2 (2!!?) systems connected behind, it doesn’t seem able to port-forward correctly. And I’d like to be able to port forward for all sorts of things – Remote Desktop, FTP, HTTP, etc… More than like to, I need to do this.

So my question to the world at large is: Has anyone with a small (say 6-10 systems) successfully been able to port-forward using their Linksys router? If so, care to offer any suggestions as to what I need to do to get it to work? If not, can someone recommend another brand that they know, 100% for a fact, works as advertised? I’ve heard good things about SMC, but also remember the horrific ethernet cards they used to make, so I’m a little wary… I’d also be looking for a Wireless-G router at this point too…

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