A feat

If you Google for ‘Tannock’, this site is now the number 1 result. For a long time, it was something called ‘Pagget Tannock Medical’, with a link to something my Dad did second, and then some motorcyclist, and then this site here. Of course, it makes sense that this site would eventually show up first — blogs always skew google rankings. I wouldn’t be surprised to soon see an ‘exclude blogs’ option when searching at the various search engines.

However, this is of interest only because my dad’s colleagues threw him a surprise party last night and the thrower of the party spoke well of this site, and his surprise that a search for Tannock brought this up. So thank you for that, and if you’re a first time visitor on account of said party, welcome! You’ll find that there’s nary a mention of medical-type topics here, as I’ve a well-developed fear of all things medically related, and I don’t talk much about my dad, because, well, I don’t talk about family on here, to prevent possibly upsetting those same family members, but otherwise, enjoy, and thanks for visiting. Oh — and if you’re looking for a web developer or designer, why don’t you go visit my corporate site, Pencilneck Software, I’m sure I can help (there — a shameless self-plug!)

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