Happy New Year

A very happy new year to everyone. I hope all of your 2003s were as excellent as my own, and I hope for more of the same to all of you in the next 366 days (it being a leap year). Taking from Day‘s idea of having four keywords for the year, as opposed to ‘resolutions’, here’s mine (caveat: I only have 2. This is because the first one will be such a chore for me, because I’m so not, that I’m counting it as three for now): consistency & health. All of you who know my probably know that I’m about as constant as a wind-blown feather, but inconsistency makes it hard for people to predict me, which isn’t good for business reasons (my friends who expected consistency are really simply no longer friends), and hard for me to work on keyword #2: health — which means consistently eating healthier and living healthier.

What are you keywords for the year, if any?