I’ve applied to serve as a member on the Vancouver Economic Development Comission. While I am quite doubtful that I will be chosen (they ask for such things as ‘recent community & volounteer experience, and the closest thing I have is working for the COPE election campaign and a few donated websites here and there. I’ve also absolutely no board-running experience), I am quite excited by the prospect of it. The idea of having a legitimate voice in guiding policy around Vancouver’s Economic development is intriguing. I do suspect that the commission is more bark than bite, but even just being able to be involved in the discussions, despite the potential for endless minutiae (sp?), makes it seem worthwhile.

It would be nice to bring an eye for corporate social responsibility as a guide for municipal growth as well — attract investment sure, but make sure that it comes with more than just dollars, for instance. Also of importance to me would be do some work to encourage the cultural/arts scene. Anyone who’s a fan of live music must realize just how poor a city this is for music venues — and getting poorer still, with the just-closed Sugar Refinery and pending closure of Richard’s on Richards. Finding ways to reverse this trend would be nice.

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