Shots across the bow

The lead-up to Canada’s next election is truly beginning in earnest now, with the Liberals taking the time to respond to The NDP’s potshot at Paul Martin with a page of their own. While both are certainly attacks on the other leader’s ‘character’, the Liberal page, not all the surprisingly, is much less fun, and reads a little whiny to me (I am, admittedly, biased).

What seems truly surprising is that the Liberals are worried enough about the NDP to give them the grace of a response. I suppose that the new Conservative party is still a non-entity, what with not having a leader and all, and the NDP have certainly been doing well in recent polls, but the Liberals’ lead is pretty solid. I would think their only worry at the moment would be that they won’t have a crushing majority come the next election. At the moment my greatest hope is that they have a minority government, but even that seems somewhat far-fetched.

But I suppose there’s all sorts of time left until an election, and with some of the arrogant comments coming out of Paul Martin’s mouth (see any of the christmas interviews the various networks conducted), perhaps people will be sick enough of him to vote elsewhere.

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