Fear of Sushi

Last night I watched a CTV News bit about the levels of toxicity in farmed salmon from Europe and North America. It was talking about the results published in this article (subscription required) in Science magazine that revealed some alarming facts about the levels of chemicals in farmed salmon (and presumably, other farmed fish as well). Now I’m a big Sushi fan. Particularly a fan of salmon sushi. Even more particularly, salmon sashimi. Of course, the vast majority of sushi salmon I’ve ever eaten has been farmed salmon. The one or two times I ate wild salmon sushi, it cost prohibitively more. The article apparently recommends that people limit their intake to 1 or 2 servings per month and that women of childbearing age should avoid it all together (this may be CTV fear-izing the article). Which is shitty.

So today, of course, I have a total craving for sushi, but it’s moderated by this new paranoia, and so I don’t have any. So not only did I deprive myself of one of my favourite foods, heretofore thought of as a fairly healthy indulgence, but I’ve also fallen victim to something I always laugh about: the fear-mongering of television news reporting.

I’m sure once of the memory of the segment fades, I’ll go back to senselessly gobbling up salmon sushi, but for the next while, looks like no more salmon sushi for me, which essentially means no more sushi for me. Waah!