My Dream Last Night

So I’m going to try and relate the dream I had last night, in a way that’s as sensible as possible:

So I’m an AIDS-stricken super-spy. I’ve got on full-on special-ops gear, and I’m trying to take a photo of this Angel that will cure the world, or something. But the only camera I have is a cheap throw-away blue & white camera. So I’m riding the monorail (not a monorail like the skytrain, but one that’s suspended from above), and it’s taking me to this building, that looks alot like the Telus building here in Vancouver. And then I’m inside, and I meet up with Leah, and we hang out nonchalantly in the giant waiting room, which is full of people in day-glo clothes who are watching tiny monkeys do ballet on their shoulders. Then I know it’s time to go, and I say something to Leah, who doesn’t understand, so I jump through the ceiling into the corridor above. There, I’m ambushed by Stormtroopers (the ones from the current cartoon — they still looked like cartoon characters in my dream, but the lasers were real), and I run through an arcade. For some reason, the Stormtroopers have to get past a particular level in an arcade game to keep chasing me. The arcade game lists (3×50) on the coin slot, and Stormtroopers don’t have enough change. I give them some quarters, and 2 twoonies. Then I keep running. I realize that I’m bleeding, but my blood is poisonous and is melting the world, and the more I run, the worse it is. So I stop running. But I remember my rail gun, and I sit down in this hard plastic-moulded chair, that’s blood-red and I shoot it in the back with the rail gun, and I (on the chair) go shooting forward, through the wall, which doesn’t hurt, and then I’m racing the monorail and I know I have to beat it, or I won’t get to the Angel in time and I’m losing momentum and it’s going faster and then I dive underground, and there, caged up is The Angel (who of course is Emma Thompson, because of Angels in America), and It looks up at me and is crying bright, flourescent blue tears and I’m gushing boiling black blood and the room is flooding, and finally to two liquids meet and there’s a loud explosion, and my heart stops.

And I’m awake, my heart pounding.

that’s one for the weird books, I think.