Have you ever looked at your clock and thought “Oh, I’ve only got 90 minutes until that meeting. That’s not really enough time to really do anything productive, so I’ll just surf”? That’s procrastinating.

Have you ever come back from a meeting, and thought “Whew, that was a long meeting. I need a break. I’ll just surf until lunch”, and then not had lunch for an hour?” That’s procrastinating.

Have you ever felt so full from lunch that you couldn’t possibly do any productive work and so you surf? That’s procrastinating.

Have you ever stopped surfing, looked at the time, seen that you have to leave in 90 minutes to go to another meeting, and decided that there’s no point in doing any work, so you write an aimless post on your blog? That’s procrastinating.

And this, my friends, is how I’ve managed to spend an entire day at my desk, without producing a single thing.

(Which, to be fair, isn’t quite true. I’ve uploaded a couple bug fixes to some development code. But rather than actively testing it, I thought it best to wait until one of the trigger events occurs to see whether or not I fixed the bug. Which means there’s like a whole hour between each 5-minute spate of work. And now that my day is nearly over, I am actually going to do some work for the next 90 minutes, rather than surf. Maybe.)

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